Zoomer and Zorbit™

“It was a dazzling summer day on planet Buglactica when two little aliens, Zoomer™ and Zorbit™, found a strange container. When they opened it, they were totally awesomated to find a golden CD! The two friends zoomed home and popped it into their CD player. But, the cosmic tunes they had expected turned out to be something totally different. It was a greeting from another planet…a planet called Earth! The message gave details of the strange planet and a map to get there. Yes, it was a hip and happenin’ planet. They definitely had to check it out! So they hopped in their funkadelic space mobile and blasted. It was going to be a short trip…Earth was only about 3 billion light years away!”

–From the large Zoomer™ and Zorbit™ bead kit tin


Fun Facts:

  • In 2020, Zoomer and Zorbit were featured as part of a collaboration with cosmetics company Morphe

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