2000s version
Shelle's original design

“Shelle™ had waited arduously all day for her shell phone to ring. “He just hast to call!” She told Crusty the crustation (sic). He wanted to say something, but decided to clam up. Shelle knew this could be the biggest day of her life! BBBBRRRING! BBBBRRRING!… Shelle picked up the phone. It was him! “I’m so glad you got my message,” she bubbled with excitement, “I didn’t know if I should have sent the bottle or just sea-mail you……” Shelle held her breath as she listened, then she flipped a triple somersault. She had just been accepted to the best drama school under the sea! Now she can make her dream come true!”

–From the inside of the Shelle™ folder


Fun facts:

  • Shelle’s dream is to be an actress
  • There are two different designs/art styles for Shelle™ the mermaid, depending on the era

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