“There is an exciting game that Markie™ and the other adventurous unicorns love to play. The frolicsome unies race each other across the clouds then leap over the rainbow. The rainbow emits a radiant energy that, when crossed, creates a dazzling spectacle! As the unicorns bound over the rainbow’s colorful aura, millions of glittering stars shoot into the sky just like fireworks. The game ends at the end of the day when Markie and his friends are tuckered out and the sky is bursting with dancing stars.”

–From the inside of the Markie folder


Fun Facts:

  • Markie is probably the most iconic Lisa Frank character, and has the most design variations
  • Markie has a friend or sister(?) named Celeste
  • His mom is allegedly named “Rainbow Jumper”
  • In 2020, Markie™ and Celeste™ were featured as part of a collaboration with cosmetics company Morphe

Markie™ Jumps Over The Moon

“Markie™ bragged that he could jump higher than anyone else. They had unicorn games. Markie did jump higher than anyone! Markie kept jumping. He jumped over a rainbow in the morning in a cloud in the afternoon! One night he watched the moon skimming across the purple sky. He ran faster and faster then with a bounce Markie sprung into the upper reaches of this guy. The sleeping moon awoke with a start as Markie soared right over the astonished satellite. Markie believed in himself and did what no other unicorn had done before.”

–From the folder/stationery

Items with Markie™

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