Fun Facts:

  • Hunter is a leopard cub (not a cheetah or tiger)
  • Hunter is named after Lisa’s real-life son, Hunter Green (or maybe her son is named after the character!)

Hunter™ and Chipper™

“Hunter and Chipper were talking about all the great adventures they dreamed about having someday. “I’m going to climb the rainbow!” Hunter told his buddy. “DID IT! DID IT!” a mysterious little voice piped. Totally surprised, Chipper said, “Well, I’m going to travel to mars!” Again, the little voice said “DID IT! DID IT!” The leopard cubs couldn’t believe their ears or their eyes when they saw the funny frog who had spoken. “Are you serious?” the cubs asked. “Ah, no!…I was only croaking!””

–Contributed by Denise K.

Items featuring Hunter™

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