Butterflies 3D Model Kit

Photos submitted by Jelika Character/Design: Butterflies Item: 3D Model Kit Item type: Arts & Crafts Estimated era: Unsure Size: 7″ x 4.5″ x 7″ Material: Cardboard, paper Unique features: Set of 4 consisting of three differently colored butterflies and one praying mantis (super rare!) One box contains specified bug to assemble. Copyright info or tag text: […]

Holographic Blue Butterfly Flip Out

Photos submitted by Stardenia Character/Design: Butterflies Item: Flip out organizer Item type: Flip Outs Estimated era: Unsure Size: Unsure Material: Paper, plastic Unique features: Contains address book, stickers, mini calculator. Magnetic closure. Copyright info or tag text: Unsure Serial/UPC (if available): Unsure Available: NFS Do you or did you own this item and would like to […]