Casey™ and Caymus™

“There is a legend of two golden dogs who live in the southwestern desert of Tucson, Arizona. Casey™ and Caymus™ are said to be beautiful dogs whose coats are actually made of gold! Being Golden Retrievers they have golden hair, but, it is thought that the brilliant desert sun has turned their hair to real gold. This is the only way to explain the dazzling glow that radiates from these furry friends. Casey™ and Caymus™ are not just legends, they are real dogs, and their mother is Lisa Frank.”


Fun facts:

  • According to LF lore, Casey and Caymus (along with the pups Barclay and Candy) are all based on Lisa Frank’s real-life dogs.

Excerpts from "The Best Adventure (featuring Casey™ & Caymus™)" by Ronald Kidd (Dalmatian Press)

“Caymus hopped up and down on his brother, trying to get him to play. When that didn’t work, he jumped off and found the ball. Batting it with his paw, he sent it bouncing right past Casey’s nose. The nose twitched. Then Casey stood up! Yawning, he moved ever so slowly toward the ball. ‘That’s it!’ cried Caymus. ‘Now we’re having fun!’ Casey reached the ball and kept right on going.”

“Just then a tiny little yellow creature darted through the air and landed on a blossom nearby. Caymus lunged for it, but the creature was off, zipping from flower to flower. Caymus was about to catch up, when the creature turned suddenly and landed on his nose. Caymus found himself staring cross-eyed at a bee. Startled, he lost his balance, and the bee buzzed off toward the clouds.”

“Casey kissed his little brother, and together they watched the sun set over the desert. Caymus thought about tomorrow and wondered what new adventures it would bring.”

–From a tweet by the official @LisaFrank Twitter account.

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