About Lisa Frank (the person)

Fun Facts:

  • Frank partnered with Reebok to release two versions of limited-release Reebok Classic Leathers shoes in 2017.[10]

  • In 2017, Frank was partnering with producer Jon Shestack to develop a movie inspired by her work.[11]

  • In 2019, Frank designed the logo for John Mayer’s Instagram television series, Current Mood.[citation needed]

  • In 2020, Frank partnered with Morphe to release Morphe X Frank including three limited edition makeup palettes, makeup brushes and beauty sponges.

From Wikipedia:

Lisa Frank is an American businesswoman, the founder of Lisa Frank Incorporated, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. She is known for producing whimsical commercial design for school supplies and other products that are primarily marketed to children.

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